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Customized Skincare Treatment

Relax and receive this customized professional treatment combining pure botanical, fruit, and essential oil ingredients to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin.


A specialized exfoliating treatment designed to leave the skin looking polished and smooth.

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'I am a mother of four and everything I do for myself is done in a hurry - or not at all. With Starr's care and guidance, I now have a skin care routine that has become a precious ritual of self-care, mindfulness and slowing down in my day. Starr is lovely and attentive, she takes care in making relationship with her clients and holds a sacred space for their care. At the end of my facial I feel like I have experienced energy clearing, aromatherapy, massage and facial all wrapped up in one. I return to the world quieter, softer, feeling shiny and refreshed. In a world where everything is supersized and high-tech, I so appreciate the warmth and intimacy of Starr's Sweet Medicine Spa.'

- Marlene Carvalho, Vocal Coach of Vocal Journeys

Visiting Sweet Medicine Spa is a nurturing experience. My skin positively glows after my facial. It acts and feels younger. I feel more confident too because it looks so wonderful.

- Jeanette, mid 30's, Mother of 4 excellent boys

Throughout my life, if I was going through a challenging or confusing time, the last thing I would reach for would be spiritual guidance, but when my wife suggested that I contact Starr to set up an appointment with her, it intuitively felt right to me. I am extremely happy with the outcome of our work together. Her work and shared insights were accurate, meaningful and personally empowering. I have felt much more clear and confident in my work, and have a clear sense of how to move forward. I so appreciate her work and am looking forward to working with her on an ongoing basis as the need arises. I strongly recommend her ceremonial guide services for anyone who is looking for clarity, understanding, and direction. Starr is AWESOME!!!!

- Patrick, Life coach

Your work is incredible! The amazing changes in my skin are profound. Not only does it appear visually rejuvenated but also the resilience to its texture has been restored. Your therapeutic touch is quite remarkable. Everyone could benefit from this work.

-Mitch, Chiropractor, integrative healer

I have been happy to have lots of compliments on my skin since Starr has been caring for it. People say I look years younger than my calendar says. I also enjoy the quality products that she uses. But what I value most is the nurturing, homelike atmosphere of Sweet Medicine Spa!

- Pat, early 60's, Educational Consultant

I was largely a Neanderthal man when it came to caring for my skin, but when I noticed that my face was beginning to register damage from years spent outdoors in the Colorado sun, I started seeing Starr for treatments. She has done a fine job of educating me in proper skin care for the entire body, and her services, in combination with skin care products that I now use daily, have helped to restore a much healthier look to my 40-something face. I just love the combination of treatments and pampering that Starr offers. The care she shows for her clients and the passion she brings to skin care radiate throughout.

- Tom, mid 40's, Cabinetmaker

I am so enthusiastic about the 02 lift that you now offer. The feeling (while it's happening) is hard to put into words -- I guess effervescent is the best way to describe it, but that doesn't seem to do it justice. To feel the tiny bubbles emerging and popping on your skin, and watching the white cream disappear as it soaks into your skin is something else! I've never experienced anything like it, and came away from it with my face feeling rejuvenated, and my skin looking better than it has in ages. Growing up in Colorado, I've been fighting dry skin for many years, so this treatment is exactly what my skin needs. All this coupled with your warm, nurturing spirit makes for a wonderful experience. While the oxygen mask was doing its work, to have your warm, healing hands massaging my neck and shoulders, and then my hand, made me never want to leave your beautiful setting. The fan circulating fresh air into the room, and the soothing music add to a wonderfully relaxing ambiance. I can't say enough about the whole experience. You have a gift, Starr.

- Beth, Enjoyer of a very full life

I started working with Starr three years ago. Before I met her, I knew nothing about taking care of my face. I grew up with a mother who did not take care of her skin and did not see it as a priority. No one in my family had a skin problem which is probably why no one took care of their skin. As it turns out, my skin is very sensitive. I began having problems with acne as an adult about 5 years ago and went to Starr for help and suggestions. It took us almost a year and a half to get everything correct, but it worked. She stuck it out with me and my finicky skin! I could say that I am probably one of her more difficult clients with the skin sensitivity that I have. She has managed to do something right and I am grateful. My skin is clear and looking better and better.

- Ashley, early 30's, Psychologist and Energy Worker

I have been a client of Starr's for many years and have enjoyed all my sessions. I don't know if I look younger when I leave, but I definitely feel younger and more relaxed!

- Edie, early 60's, Mountain Woman

After a glowing recommendation, I became one of Starr's clients over 7 years ago. Because she stays abreast of current skin care techniques, provides an in-depth session using exquisite products and focuses on my personal needs, I feel the sessions are both a good value and of great value. While her services are practical in helping me to look my best, they also feel deeply relaxing. I think this is because of Starr's great competence in combination with her heartfulness and caring. In addition to regular facials, I have experienced many of Sweet Medicine's other services. Each one had a multi-layered effect and felt thoroughly nourishing. I have never been less than delighted and, now, offer my own glowing recommendation to friends.

- Robin, mid 40's, Director of Assisted Living Program

Since working with Sweet Medicine Spa, my skin is noticeably more vibrant and alive; more youthful (but without the breakouts). The skin care I receive and the recommended products I use combine to bring out my skin's natural glow and counter the effects of Colorado's dry air. To get a facial at Sweet Medicine Spa is to be pampered; what a treat!

- Brijanna, mid 40's, Graphic Designer and Healer

Sweet Medicine Spa is a place to learn, grow and be nurtured. Each time I visit Starr for a treatment, I learn more about my body and feel very replenished. I have learned to nourish my skin with skin treatments on a more regular basis because of my visits with Starr. I never feel overwhelmed by options, although Starr offers many! Starr is very gentle and particular with each individual due to her extensive knowledge base of skin and body. My husband finally took the leap to receive facials with Starr. His skin is looking great due to Starr's treatments and home care recommendations!

- Karen, mid 40's, CPA and Intuitive

I have been seeing Starr for the past 7 years for facial treatments. She is a professional all the way from the minute she greats me at her spa to giving first rate treatments. I have experienced other spas in my travels to resorts around the country, but there is no one who has given me the same type of treatments I have received at Sweet Medicine Spa. My three daughters have also seen Starr for issues such as acne and it has helped enormously not only with their skin conditions but their mental health.

- Nancy, early 50's, Artist